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Want to experience the sensual side of Barcelona?

Veröffentlicht 20.12.2017 von Danny

Once a month, Moxe organises the Sensual Man in Barcelona, both for locals and tourists. Every evening is about a different chakra, allowing you a magical journey over the course of a few months.

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Ready to enter the anal universe?

Veröffentlicht 20.12.2017 von Danny

Thorsten has been giving the anal workshop for quite some years now. He creates a fabulous experience for both total beginners and experts in anal pleasure. Workshops in Barcelona and Cologne.

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Kalender 2018

Datum Land / Stadt/Ort Workshop Leiter (Co-Leiter) Freie Plätze
(Frühbucher )
23.03.2018 - 25.03.2018 Berlin Mysterium Periklis 1
06.04.2018 München We-Love-Tantra Abend 1 - Eros Touch Hanns 6
06.04.2018 Barcelona Der Sinnliche Mann Moxe 8
07.04.2018 Barcelona Hombres Que Constelan Moxe 7
21.04.2018 Berlin Familienstellen & Systemische Arbeit Thomas 3
04.05.2018 München We-Love-Tantra Abend 2 - Lass Dich berühren Hanns 6 (04.04.2018)