Sunny Tantric Workshop

You are invited to a tantric massage workshop with Alexandre

An entire day for men (Gay - Bi - Straight) to explore Tantra and its benefits through an itroduction to the practice of full body massage and a selection of sensual exercises creating a Saturday of seductive, silky experiences.

In order to address and respect each person’s sense of self-consciousness we will spend a while in sensual, spiritual, play and relaxation In an atmosphere of trust, respect and brotherhood.

Over the course of the day  we will recover a sense of ease in being naked together. Finding our innocence again, released of the social constructs of our clothing,

Through sweet, subtle, joyful rituals our vibrational bodies will dance like trees, rooted but swaying in the wind.
During the day we will also play with movement, with dance and music ... A pure moment of collective joy, like a tantric party ...

- Tantric Breakfast
- Sensual Meditation
- Body awareness through light yoga
- Rituals to meet each other
- Chakras dance session
- Ritual undressing ceremony
- Tantric refreshments, sharing flavors
- Pole dancing and other delights
- Introduction and practical session of tantric back massage
- Introduction and practical session of tantric face massage
- Tantric aperitif to end the day


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