Paris Tantric Evening 2

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03.11.2017 -03.11.2017 / Paris /

Paris Tantric Evening 2

One Friday per month Alexandre brings you a playful, sensual and
spiritual workshop , to free, play with and celebrate the creative
energy of your sexuality.
3 stand alone modules, which can be combined throughout the year and enjoyed in the order that suits you.

They take place the day before the "Sunny Tantric Workshop", so it is
possible to chain two and sleep there if desired.

Open to all men regardless of gender and eager to explore the potential sensitive, erotic, emotional and creative male body in a benevolent and fraternal atmosphere. At the end of the course Alexandre invites you to share a light snack with drinks.

Evening 2: Be the Lord of your Kingdom

"Spread your wings"
Go deep into Your body and the exploration of the skeleton "Tree of Life".
Breathe and allow the 3rd chakra to flourish, it is the keystone between the creative energy of sexuality and space of the heart.
During this "Evening" we will dare to communicate our fantasies and explore our position as King, Lord of love, by multiple role play in groups and pairs.

- Meditation and breathing in the 3rd chakra.
- Warming up and awareness of the skeleton
- The art of clearing the space
- Waking up of the swan
- I am the King, I invite others into my Kingdom and I express my wishes.
- Tantric massage of the face and the lingam.

This module is fully accessible

03.11.2017 19:00:00
03.11.2017 23:59:00
€45.00 (Frühbucher)
€55.00 (Preis)
(7 Verfügbare Plätze)

Concession: If your disposable income is not exceeding 500 Euros per month; = approx. 30% discount. In individual cases special arrangements can be made, No one should be prevented from participating for financial reasons. Please email to

Accommodation for one night, Places des Cordes (Friday). Tantric breakfast included. 20 euros payable on location. There are showers and mattress, please bring everything else. To book contact Alexander:

Alexandre (Kursleiter)